We are dedicated and passionate advisors, we literally go the extra-mile and work around the clock, all over the globe, sweat for excellence and take great pride and fun in the process. Most clients choose us and stick with us because we are uniquely inspiring individuals, with fierce open-mindedness and strong principles at the same time.

Undeniable Logic

We build our decisions on the iron strength of logic and the steadfastness of analytics, this leads to brilliant and doubtless results.


Genuine Credibility

Trust is the cornerstone of our business relations. Under the firm roof of our company, we provide our clients with a sense of security and confidence as if they have just crossed the threshold of their own home.


True Values

Deeply believing in the importance of fundamental human values, emotional intelligence and spontaneity, we are still able to intelligently balance the opposites in the name of excellence.


Here below a few quotes of what clients and business partners say regarding the partners of BAM.
Strategic Differentiation + Empathy / Trust + Diligence / Endurance with a positive mind set. Joël possesses all of these 3 and remarkably develops strategies working behind the scene to develop and grow a business. Joël is not only astute in the financial sector, he perfectly understands the technical part / the product - which generates income - and marries both. (…) Joël is solution finder at its best.

Patrick Hoffmann Managing-Director | Hillsbridge Global Water
Joel is a solid and reliable business partner. He has a deep knowledge of his business and a very good understanding of his clients needs. He is continuously looking for alternatives and new services. He has demonstrated the capacity to understand, the willingness to succeed and the openness to adapt. His deep understanding of business-needs, paired with a strong “can do” attitude and a positive mindset enables him to perform.
Virginie Scuvee Certified Coach | Kumquat sàrl
Fernando performed with initiative and high work ethic, always trying to understand the client’s needs and exceed the expectations. Fernando appeared to me as a very good team player and particularly convinced me of his analytical skills, consolidating information from large datasets, identifying key issues, deriving feasible solutions, and building up from his peers’ ideas to deliver a valuable product as the outcome of the project.
Antti Tenhiälä Ass. Prof. | IE Business School
Joel is a careful and thorough professional. Many times involved in various financial transactions, he has always carefully studied the feasibility of the operations, finding intelligent and extremely simple solutions in terms of feasibility. A person of great culture and a high sense of duty.

Alberto Marghieri CEO | AM Service Srl
We found in Joel all the qualities of a good financial advisor: audacious, good communicator, courageous, team player, exemplary, rigorous. (...) Joël is a strategic visionary able to create a secure environment conducive to the development of a company. We recommend Joel for piloting complex projects in international contexts.
Madeleine Eba Founder | My Little Cameroon
Fernando has outstanding skills in Finance, Law and languages. He is a very dedicated individual and his ideas in Business development have rapidly proven effective, even in a difficult economic environment. Fernando has very strong qualities. His integrity and professionalism were to the highest standards.
Pierre Pezzin Partner | PEZZIN PIERRE FINANCES
If you like the kind of [consultant] that will work hard to deliver what was announced, won’t make excuses and prefer to bring solutions rather than problems, then you have the right [one].

Fréderic Dalmasie CFO | Agricorp SAM
Joel is a very bright and reliable professional, able to understand the big picture and capable to translate big ideas into tangible actions. He combines technical, managerial and social skills. You can always count on his entrepreneurship mindset and creativity.
Philippe PIERRE PwC Partner, European Union Institutions (EU) Global Leader
Excellent in his field! Mr. NZALI has mastered the art of top management, asset management and economic and financial foresight in the service of his clients, with an extraordinary ability to adapt.

Fatimata NDOYE Managing Partner | Mercure Cab

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